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24 September 2017 @ 03:29 am

Hello there~ now, a little introduction wouldn't hurt anybody right (^.^)v

This journal is where I'll insert all my writings as well as random memes and other interesting items in which I'm not sure of what yet.. This journal will most probably be filled with a lot of Sho-ness, in terms of pairings and so on.. Please do enjoy your stay here and play nice.. we're all friends ne~ <3

Of course, I do other fanwork as well and not solely on fanfics.. Layouts, graphics and such can be found at mooboohlayouts while subbed works can be found at neon_lines.. Links are all supplied at the sidebar so do pay the communities a visit when you have time ne~ (^.^)v
Some of the fiction links used to be locked but I've decided to leave them open unless they're rated NC-17.. Do feel free to add me though, I don't bite.. but of course, I would like to know who I'm befriending as well as get to know them.. Just leave a comment at this post , telling me who you are or just a simple greeting will do and i'll immediately add you back .. (^.^)v
よろしくおねがいします (^。^) 


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一を聞いている: 明日の記憶を - 嵐
24 December 2015 @ 11:32 pm
This might be a little early but I decided to still do it .. hope to write more near the future ^^
NOTE - IMPORTANT ---> Please pardon my spelling errors .. ><

gateway to more ficz (^.^)vCollapse )
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12 June 2013 @ 04:30 pm
HEYYAW~! I’ve been M.I.A ne~ ><”

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything at all ._.” and very inconsistent to top at that so I thought of updating a few things and maybe have a little to do list and other relevant or not so relevant things~ hahah so it’s just gonna be plain rumblings overall :p Hopefully I have not lost any readers :/ *sobs*

SOOOOOO~ I’ve started working.. I’m sure some of you know :D It’s tiring and time consuming and it makes my ass sore ( I know you’re thinking dirty :3) It’s nothing of that sort though XD I’m working at a legal firm that requires me to sit down for the whole day staring at the computer~ sounds pretty boring.. I know ><”

That said, since I’m working and also studying at the same time~ my day resolves around studies and work and maybe a tiny winy bit of fandom :) and I’m often risking my job by writing a little fic here and there during working hours but it’s also often half assed and always not completed ==” I’m rather hopeless :(

MAIN POINT : I’m hoping to get a beta :D someone who is willing to nag and annoy the soul out of me and to pester me till I actually get something done~ and to go through my fic and see if I’m actually writing it good or that I’m just writing plain crap :p ( if you’re interested please comment or just send me an inbox~ I don’t bite~ I like hugs XOXO ) hahah

There are a few things that I really want to do but ALWAYS fail at achieving it~~ is as follows:-
-  to continue the long forgotten "The Trapped Affection"
a sequel to “Internet SOS”
to complete “Knowledge”
- to finish writing “??????”   ß it’s a new Yama fic :3 yet to have a title :D
to continue “My pet is an assassin” with nino4ever if we could somehow find time to discuss about it ._.

hmm~ that’s about it I guess -_- I’m actually working now :p yikes? Hahah~ I do hope I get some responds for the MAIN POINT above :D I really do need a beta / a friend / a all time crime partner :3 heheh~

Jya, till next time~ hopefully the next update would be a fic~ hearts to ALL~!! *hugs~*
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28 January 2013 @ 08:41 pm
Summary - it takes more than feelings to bring people together... that's when knowledge is needed
Pairings - Masaki x OC (more pairings to come in the coming chapters)
Note - specially written for ♥ Mama (percybum)
Disclaimer - Unfortunately, I do not own anything, even if I really want to, I DON’T.


“Our peaceful days in school is about to end”Collapse )
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12 July 2012 @ 12:58 am
Summary - Typically, an assassin and a top chart idol wouldn't have a chance or even the fate to meet but what gives when top chart idol Sakurai Sho so happens to own a human pet, Ninomiya Kazunari who happens to be so cute and adorable that no one, not even Sho could have guess him to be the world's best assassin
Pairings - Sakumiya, Juntoshi
Note - A collaboration fic with nino4ever
Disclaimer - Unfortunately, I do not own anything, even if I really want to, I DON’T.

"No! Sho-chan~ I won't go anywhere, okay?"Collapse )

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